Dettol disinfectant spray near me

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Dettol disinfectant spray near me

Why use disinfectant household cleaning products around the home? You ask - because we want to prevent the spread of germs as well as disease. Germs can be found almost everywhere, and often in some unexpected places, such as in restaurants, computer keyboards, door handles, and an endless list of other places. Since there is a never-ending list of objects that germs love, here is a list of the objects they particularly love:. Unfortunately not everyone washes their hands properly after relieving themselves, meaning the door handle gets its fair share of germs on a daily basis.

The best way to avoid these nasty germs is to palm an extra paper towel after washing up and use it to grasp the handle when leaving. Waiters hardly ever wash off restaurant menus, meaning they are a breeding ground for all different types of germs. This is particularly true for restaurants that are popular, with hundreds of people handling the menus each week. This goes hand in hand with public bathroom door handles.

Those that do wash their hands still leave a trace of fecal bacteria on the soap dispenser before washing their hands off. It is recommended that you thoroughly scrub hands under hot water for at least 15 to 20 seconds in order to get bacteria off the hands. You could even use an antibacterial wipe instead of touching the soap dispenser at all. Bacterial count on grocery trolley handles is shown to exceed that of the average public restroom. For this reason, many supermarkets have made disinfectant wipes available for you to wipe the handle off with — make sure you do this before beginning your shopping to avoid contact with these germs.

Make sure to follow the directions on the labels of any cleaning products.

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This is where cleaning products are needed to keep the home hygienic. Germs can make people at home ill and bacteria spread rapidly in a short period of time. The highest risk areas in your home are the bathroom and kitchen where there are handles and cupboards that are easily effected by germs. In the bathroom, waste particles can stick to the hands, which can then be transferred to the flush and the door handle.

Disinfectants & Sanitizers

Viruses such as the flu, rotavirus, and rhinovirus cause muscle aches, vomiting, and cold symptoms, respectively, and can also breed well in bathrooms due to the warm, steamy atmosphere.

Refrigerators and cupboard handles should also be cleaned on a weekly basis. Disinfectant sprays and disinfectant wipes can be used for different areas to eliminate as much bacteria as possible. Treat your kitchen work surfaces with a disinfecting cleaner after every food preparation. Cupboard and door handles should be disinfected on a regular basis. Main Navigation Toggle navigation Home. Date posted: 09 Aug Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr.Use this both to freshen the air and in my husbands slippers, in between washes.

All fragrances in the range are nice. Really useful to spraying on my toddlers toys, especially after a play date with snotty friends and having limited time to wipe everything down item by item. Great Product, fine mist and smells not tooo strong. I have no issues with arthritis so I really sympathise with one of your reviewers. The top on this can is a nightmare. You think youre pressing the top down and hardly anything comes out of it.

When you can get something out of it it is not a spray more a line of liquid which just leaves the floor wet and slippery. Cant smell the fragrance either. Will go back to good old Glade, good spray and pleasant fragrance. Can't keep that up. I really like this sprays fresh hint of linen scent. I rely on the germ killing properties all year round - when I can.

Don't think I could have survived the Christmas holidays without this product. It gave me the reassurance and pleasant fragrance needed to withstand the combination of a visiting dog, the grandchildren and Aussie flu. I sprayed it on the dog's bed, loo seats and handles and in the air for an altogether better experience! Add to trolley. Easy and convenient disinfectant spray to use: no wiping required Kills Kills Hold can cm from pre-cleaned surface and spray surface until covered with mist.

Do not saturate fabric when using on Soft Surfaces. Allow to air dry. No need to wipe. Surfaces may vary in quality. Always test for suitability on a small inconspicuous area prior to use. Do not use on polished wood, painted surfaces or acrylic plastics. Not for personal use. Flammable Aerosol. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray on open flame or other ignition source. Pressurised container: Do not pierce or burn, even after use.

Extremes of temperature can occur in motor cars, near ovens, and fireplaces. Do not spray near an electrical fire, heat sources or electrical equipment in use. Do not spray on food. Shake well before use. Spray away from the body. Per g contains Contains Perfume.

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Brand details. Brand Dettol.Get the power of advance technology with Klia disinfectant floor cleaner which is proven to kill Klia works in an efficient and effective manner building positive mood at home for a positive way of life. Show more. Search for a product. Testers' gallery. Buy Now. Klia Disinfectant Floor Cleaner. Klia Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Get the power of advance technology with Klia disinfectant floor cleaner which is proven to kill Leave a review.

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dettol disinfectant spray near me

Manasa Bangalore Home Tester Reviews. I used herbal floor cleaner lime fresh with neem and pine. Jai Trivandrum Home Tester 23 Reviews. Floor cleaning floor cleaning no bad smell good smell.

can dettol kill coronavirus ? company issues statement - death news - dettol antiseptic liquid

Rupali Home Tester Ace Reviews. Similar products Klia Disinfectant Floor Cleaner. Dettol Disinfectant Spray. Tried it? Lizol Power Kitchen Cleaner. Dettol Disinfectant Liquid - Menthol Cool. Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner Pine.

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Dettol - Fragrance Disinfectant. Domex Pink Power Zero Stain.Disinfectants are being used more than ever to prevent the spread of viruses like the coronaviruswhich is transmitted mainly from person to person, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent CDC.

They add that though it's not the primary way the virus spreads, a person can contract coronavirus "by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. But, is it actually safe to use around the house? According to Reckitt Benckiser RB — the company that owns the Lysol brand — in its Safety Data Sheet SDS for all Lysol Disinfectant Sprays including all scentsthis product poses "no known [acute] significant effects or critical hazards" when it comes to inhalation, skin contact, and ingestion.

As for eye contact, it states, "May cause eye irritation upon direct contact with eyes. In their SDS physician notes, RB only writes, "Contact poison treatment specialist immediately if large quantities have been ingested or inhaled. Yet, the Environmental Working Group EWG — a non-profit dedicated to protecting human health and the environment through research and education — rates the product in the Crisp Linen scent an F on an A-F scale.

On their website, RB does provide information about product ingredients that appear on Designated Lists. The company says, "To aid in managing and studying these chemicals, government agencies and other academic groups often create lists of chemicals that have similar characteristics or concerns.

Each of these lists are referred to as a 'Designated List'. For the Lysol Disinfectant Spray in the scent Crisp Linen, the company discloses that seven of the product's ingredients appear on Designated Lists abbreviated as DL on the page. This includes the following along with the statements provided by RB:. Eric Lee — who has significant experience in outpatient clinic-based medicine, inpatient hospital medicine, emergency departments, nursing homes, and long-term care centers — touches on another ingredient.

It is a dangerous compound and I do not advocate its use.

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Lee states. The latter, according to Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorporatedmeans that you should utilize safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from the product. In summary, you should use precautions with any chemical cleaner like this one, and you might want to find one with less harmful ingredients EWG has a list of disinfectants and their respective ratings here. In their SDS, RB specifically recommends using this product with adequate ventilation, avoiding direct contact with the body via safety eyewear and glove barriers, and making sure to wash hands thoroughly after using the product.

Depending on the type of work you are doing and your own health conditions, you may also need to use a respirator and additional forms of body protection. As always, if you are worried about how a certain household product will affect your health, consult a healthcare provider.

They can provide tips that are specific to your needs.I have been using this for my showers for at least a year.

I have a low immune system, so my Dr suggested I use an antiseptic soap. This is the only one I can tolerate. A must have for those of us who are immunosuppressed. Sad thing is Walgreens doesn't manufacture enough to keep in stock.

There was a time when the product was discontinued. I was surprised two years later to find it back on the shelf.

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer Additive, Laundry Detergent Additive, Crisp Linen Scent, 41 Oz

It's even harder to find the product in the 16 Oz size. Walgreens should offer the option to purchase two or more 8 Oz bottles for the same or lower price of purchasing the 16 Oz bottles when the company doesn't offer the 16 Oz size.

dettol disinfectant spray near me

The ingredients in this product are the same as those in the sample I got from the dr's office, but less expensive than a "brand" name product. Chlorhexidine was recommended by our doctor and I was very happy to be able to find it without the red dye in it.

Where to get Face Masks, Anti-bacterial Wet Wipes, Sanitizer and Dettol Disinfectant Spray

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dettol disinfectant spray near me

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dettol disinfectant spray near me

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Number of Pieces 1 2 19 0. Retailer Walmart. Disinfecting Wipes Disinfecting Wipes. Search Product Result.Laundry Detergent : Liquid and powder detergent stored in a cool dry place will keep well for 6 months to one year after opening. Some laundry detergentslike All, have the date they were manufactured stamped on the cap or bottle to help you keep track of storage time. Using detergents passed their prime may not get your clothes as clean as fresh detergents will. Oxi Clean Powde r: In order for the product to deliver on its unlimited shelf lifethe powder must remain dry and kept in a cool location.

Fabric Softener : Whether liquid, dryer sheet, or a dryer bar, fabric softener maintains its softening power for about a year. Multi-Surface Cleaners : These versatile household cleaners work best for up to two years.

If they contain antibacterial ingredients, their shelf life may be shortened to one year. Lysol Disinfectant : After two yearsthe disinfectant spray and wipes may lose some of their effectiveness. If you keep using the product beyond this time, you'll likely notice the fragrance diminishing. Hand Dishwashing Soap : If you like to stock up on dish soap when it's on sale, only buy what you can use up within 12 to 18 months.

For automatic dishwashing detergentdon't buy more than you will use within three months. Metal Polish : With the holidays quickly approaching, most likely you'll be polishing your silver soon. However before you apply the polish, check its consistency. This cleaner has a shelf life up to two years. If the solution is lumpy or contains excess water, then its most likely losing its polishing power and it's best to discard it. To keep better track of your cleaning supplies, try writing the date on the label once you get it home from the store.

It's always best to discard any cleaners that have separated, clumped or gotten lumpy, or have an off odor, no matter how recently you've purchased them. Check out the recommendations on the American Cleaning Institute's website for the safest way to dispose of cleaning products. Get a firsthand look at how we test many of these products by touring the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

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